Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: Boyle point

How, or who, to explain the enormous numbers of Susan Boyle CDs sold in the last couple of weeks? Why, how about HMV's Fact Lieutenant Gennaro Castaldo?

Gennaro Castaldo, a spokesman for the HMV record-store chain in the U.K., attributed Boyle's numerous TV appearances in Britain following her second-place finish on Talent , to the sales results. Fans have followed her career from the start, he observed, "so when the album comes out, quite a few of them will go out and buy the album, too."

Ah. Thanks for that... um... insight, Gennaro. The quote presumably ended "look, sorry, I've just taken the turkey roll out the oven so I really need to get back into the kitchen. Call me in the new year, okay?"