Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sugababes struggle with the concept of quitting

I'm not sure I quite follow Amelle's explanation of how Keisha came to be out of The Sugababes:

"We did not sack Keisha.

"Me and Heidi actually left the band and left her on her own.

"She didn't walk out or anything like that. We ditched her."

But then how come you're still trading under the name? If you quit the band? How would that work, exactly?


Anonymous said...

We didn't sack her, we ditched her.

Yeah now it all makes perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

"I don't see how this counts as unfair dismissal, we didn't sack the guy, we just started a new company and invited everyone except him to come and work for us. Oh, and we kept the same name and premises."

Simon Thornton said...

Anonymous, yes that's pretty much exactly what happened. Probably.

And why it all went quiet and confusing for a few days. Legal stuff in the background, getting out of contracts, signing new ones.

Again, probably.

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