Monday, December 28, 2009

Zapsmart: Music on TV and Radio today

And this, surely, used to be Boxing Day? Slim pickings, certainly:

Noon Channel 4 - 4Music Favourites: Shakira
Nowhere near as much fun as she looked like she would be when she first appeared; it's almost as if the joy went out her work the moment she signed the sneakers contract

7.00 Radio 2 - Electric Proms: Shirley Bassey

7.00 Radio 1 - Radio 1 Live: The Live Lounge Tour
Jo Whiley collates all the times she's been genuinely amazed to hear a scruffy indie band do a cover of a pop song.

8.30 BBC1 - Celebrity Mastermind
This is the one we've been waiting for: Stuart Maconie in the black chair. Not clear yet if his specialist subject will be the collected works of Amon Duul or the genesis of the Wigan pie shop.

9.00 E4 - Celebrity Big Brother Top 20 Moments
Perhaps we might finally find out just how Maggot from GLC qualified. Didn't they just leave him in the house in the end?

12.45am ITV2 - Ghosthunting with Scott Mills
Looking for ghosts at Radio One. It does turn out that the wailing voice they could hear was actually Adrian Juste, who had been hiding in a cupboard ever since they dropped him from Saturdays.


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