Monday, December 28, 2009

Stuck On Repeat 2009: September

Radio 4's mighty More Or Less investigated the claims of seven million unlicensed filesharers and discovered the truth was quite less eye-catching. The Dutch anti-copyright group BREIN were quite proud of 'confiscating' other people's property. YouTube and PRS struck a deal, which saw the PRS effectively accept the terms YouTube had offered in the first place but were allowed to pretend they'd won. Surprisingly, briefly, Lily Allen entered some arguments in favour of three strikes laws. Rotten arguments based on incorrect facts, but passionate arguments. Anyway, it turned out she lacked the courage of her convictions and pulled her blog when faced with "abuse" (i.e. people with different views.) Still, she didn't go as far as Sean Kinney from Alice In Chains, who compared file sharing with rape.

Just after buying a stake in 7Digital, HMV quietly dumped the Get Closer social network experiment. Nokia seemed to be in no rush to take Comes With Music to America.

This month's warmest return was Drugstore, although everyone was very pleased when James Allan from Glasvegas stopped being missing. Stuart Copeland told the Smiths to try reuniting. Because then he'd probably stop feeling so awful. Chas And Dave split, while the Sugababes continued despite no longer containing any Sugababes.

Making Sarah Palin look like Dennis Skinner, Blackie Lawless revealed his worldview. It's a restricted view. After getting a bad review, Chris DeBurgh sent an angry letter to the paper. It turns out sometimes sarcasm really is the lowest form of wit. Leonard Cohen collapsed on stage and Scott Weiland collapsed in the air but both recovered.

When he was alive, Michael Jackson would announce and then not deliver all the time. Fittingly, the big memorial concert in his honour never quite came off. Nor did the return of Beatlemania, when a month of non-stop Beatle coverage in the media resulted in just 50,000 sales across 14 albums.

Kurt Cobain was reborn as a halfwit in a computer game. Courtney Love angrily denied that she'd signed off on the deal and told us to watch for the lawsuit and product recall as proof. We're still waiting.

At the behest of the UN, Geri Halliwell was sent to Nepal to sort out domestic violence. That's what "adding insult to injury" means.

[Part of the month-by-month review from Stuck On Repeat 2009]