Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jedward... oh, they're still here. Isn't that enough?

Last year, Vanilla Ice teamed up with MC Hammer in what seemed like the lowest point in his career.

It seemed so. But now he's sinking even lower, as Ice teams up with Jedward to cover his own record:

"Ice couldn't wait to work with the boys after seeing their performance.

"He thought it was genius and now sees the chance to bring his record to a much younger audience.

"The boys even look like he did back in the early days."

To be fair, I've still got a box of Mince Pies that have passed their sell-by date which I still intend to enjoy later tonight, so you can understand why Jedward haven't yet been sent back to wherever it is they came from, but taking a joke which wasn't funny and coupling it with another joke that wasn't funny doesn't suddenly make a worthwhile project. Sometimes, if the bowl doesn't flush, you should think about calling the plumber instead of adding more to the mix.

[Thanks to Michael M]


Mikey said...

'Genius' is not an adjective, no matter how many pub bores use it as such.

Any press release that uses it as such should be summarily burned before reading.

If the release arrives by email, you should print it out and then burn it.

Then collect the ashes and use them to smudge the words "it's a noun, fatty" on justin Lee Collins's fat pub bore chancer face.

James said...


See also: The vermin who use the word 'ledge', a shortening of 'legend', as an expression of gratitude for the most menial of favours (e.g. "Here's your cup of tea" "Cheers! You're a ledge!" "Get to f***").


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