Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Punkobit: Jay Reatard

Spinner is reporting that Matador and Goner Records have both confirmed the death of Jay Reatard.

There's an announcement on Goner Records board, but that's fallen over under the weight of people trying to confirm the story.

If the story is true, it's a cruelly early death. Reatard was twenty-nine; he'd been an active musician for fifteen years.

Born Jimmy Lee Lindsey, The Oblivians were to inspire both his sound and his stage name. His first band, The Reatards, was at first a one-man deal, eventually expanding to enough members to allow a tour of Europe. There would follow a mix of side-projects and spin-offs, before Jay finally went properly solo in 2006. A deal with Matador, and fans in the music press built his reputation.

Amongst his last material, during the summer of 2009, was working on tribute to Chris Knox. Knox had been due to collaborate with Reatard, but suffered a stroke before the partnership could get off the ground.

Goner Record's statement reads:

"It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our good friend Jay Reatard. Jay died in his sleep last night. We will pass along information about funeral arrangements when they are made public."