Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Penk flaps about Chris Evans

Steve Penk is the man bought and broke/fixed Oldham's 96.2 The Revolution, depending on if you think this sort of playlist offers variety and choice or not. (Note the 'wacky' pictures on the playlist replacing some of the artists, by the way. Hilarity in shoes.)

Now Penk is moaning to the BBC Trust about what he sees as "excessive" coverage of Chris Evans' debut on breakfasts at Radio 2:

In a statement from The Revolution he says of his decision to write to the Trust: "Under the BBC’s Charter, the Trust is required to have regard to the competitive impact of the BBC's activities on the wider market. The Trust has adopted a Statement of Policy on this.

"Last weekend’s unashamed promotion of the new Radio 2 Breakfast Show flies in the face of the BBC’s own cross-promotion codes.

"In developing its code, the BBC Trust made reference to Ofcom's Cross Promotion Code and also Chapter 10 of Ofcom's Broadcasting Code (Ofcom's Codes).

"Ofcom's Codes outline principles for ensuring that cross-promotions on television are distinct from advertising and that promotions on television, including cross-promotions, do not prejudice fair and effective competition”.

He also noted that he saw the 'placement' of Evans on various BBC shows - including Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, The One Show “and, bizarrely”, according to him, the Sunday morning political programme The Andrew Marr Show - as unacceptable.

“I was half expecting to see him on Songs of Praise.”

Hahahahahahaha. Songs Of Praise. You kidder, Penk. You should be on the radio, you really should.

Man with new programme appears on some shows doing an interview: is that really so odd, Penk? Given that every national media outlet in the country thought that the changing of the guard at Europe's most popular radio programme was worth covering as a news story, is this really something that surprises you?

Interesting that you didn't get upset about the amount of Tenant on the telly around the Christmas Doctor Who. Almost as if you don't really give a hoot about the principle, except when it might lure one or two listeners away from your own programme.

Penk's apparent lack of understanding of what he's talking about is revealed by his description of Evans appearing on Andrew Marr's programme as "bizarre" - yes, how could someone involved in light entertainment be on a programme sharing screen time with, erm, Maureen Lipman? Marr's programme has always had the greasepaint and popcorn crowd nudging alongside the politicians.

Still, Songs Of Praise with a radio DJ on it? That's a crazy idea, right? (Although, actually, if Penk had watched this week's programme, he'd have seen Richard Coles, former presenter of Radio 5's Fabulous, doing the honours. You couldn't make it up, could you, Penky?)


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