Thursday, September 04, 2008

Permanent revolution

When Oldham's The Revolution radio network suddenly swapped from playing northern indie to non-stop old chart cheese, people wondered if someone was winding the listeners up.

It now turns out that Steve Penk was behind the change, so perhaps it is all a joke. Penk has bought the station, as apparently even without the real Jeremy Beadle to compete with, there's not much future in being the poor man's Jeremy Beadle, and sees his future as some sort of media mogul. His idea is to build Revolution's audience up from its current 1.4% share, although since that entire 1.4% share is going to switch off at the massive change in format, he's starting by dropping it 100%

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CarsmileSteve said...

some years ago my friends and i started using "penk" as a work-email-filter-friendly swear word and it's only when the man himself occasionally raises his ugly head that i remember where we got it from, but every time i think "haha, he's called penk!" first...

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