Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wippit not good

Wippit, the download store which was selling DRM-free mp3s back when the very concept of selling un-DRMed product could make a record company accountant actually catch fire from the pockets upwards, has folded.

A spokesperson, talking to Distorted Loop, explained the reason for the closure:

“Wippit finally succumbed to tough market conditions and the changing landscape in the retail market.”

“Launching an all you can eat, legal P2P service before the iPod had even been announced as well as many other innovations (including a first with movie downloads) meant Wippit has been a great pioneer, but eventually a victim of our own vision and optimism."

It hurts to be a victim of your vision - I guess the opposite of that would be that the labels closing their eyes and keeping going.

Wippit's reputation took a bit of knock when it fell out very publicly with Danny Baker over the All-Day Breakfast Show last year; it had devised a method of charging for podcast subscriptions through iTunes for the show and, possibly, was sitting on a potential small-ish goldmine with that knowledge.

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