Thursday, February 04, 2010

RAJARS: 6Music finds listeners

It's feeling a bit grim for 6Music at the moment, a station which sits in the BBC Radio family knowing that if the going gets hard in the next couple of years (and by that, we mean "if Cameron gets in"), it's going to be very hard to survive. The sounds of idiots shouting "why not sell of Radio One and Two, because they're probably no different to Heart, I should imagine, if I'd ever listened to them" will be hard enough to cope with; you fear that a network which can only claim to be distinctive and interesting will struggle in such an environment.

So, let's just cheer ourselves up with listening figures for 6Music up 12.3% year-on-year.

Things are a bit more mixed over at NME:

Indie music magazine spin-off NME Radio was down 18.8% on the previous quarter but up 16.4% year on year to 177,000.

You suspect that this might be down less to any great fluctuation in listeners, more to the difficulty in tracking a national station with such a small audience to begin with.

Along the dial, the Asian Network, which is already on death watch has lost another 5% of its audience.

Back on the old radio, Absolute resumed the quarter-on-quarter declines which have greeted its change of name. And Wogan went out on a high, meaning that Chris Evans is going to have to prepare for headlines accusing him of 'losing' listeners in three months' time.