Monday, March 29, 2010

Cory Doctrow asks the BPI a question

It's a fair question: if the Digital Economy Bill is to be passed before parliament is prorogued, it's only going to happen if it isn't debated properly. Cory Doctrow wonders if the BPI would be relaxed about the bad, poorly debated law that would result. The BPI are reluctant to answer:

I emailed Mr Liversage the next morning and asked whether Mr Mollet, or the BPI, believed that the digital economy bill had received sufficient scrutiny by the peoples' elected representatives, or whether the bill should go to a full debate. I got a terse note back referring me to the earlier statement, which didn't answer my question.

So I asked again. And again. And again. I left messages on Mr Liversage's mobile and landline phones. Sent more email. Silence.

Let me take you through that again: the BPI really wants you to know that its representative didn't say that there was no need for debate on the digital economy bill. But they won't say whether there's a need for debate on the bill.

It's a really simple question: are the BPI cool with that? The more complicated question is why won't they answer a really simple question.