Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Rage Against... what were you raging against, dears?

Gordon's got a really weird interview with Rage Against The Machine this morning. Reading it - if you didn't know any better - you might assume that RATM had somehow come up with last year's Christmas number one campaign rather than just having been the recipients of other people's hard work.

Rather queasily, the band are now building on what happened last year as part of their promotional framework, thereby validating the idea that Simon Cowell is central to the music industry. You know, the idea that other people were supposedly buying their record to disprove:

Zack told The Sun: "I really hope there are no hard feelings with Simon.

"He seemed to think that it was a bullying campaign but the truth is the British people wanted a change.

"I don't think anybody has heard anything of that Joe guy since Christmas, but we have nothing against him.

It does get worse, though.
"The truth is Simon's shows occasionally produce talent.

"We love Susan Boyle, she is hot.

"To show there are no hard feelings we would like her to perform with us on stage this summer.

"She is a great vocalist and we would love to perform Killing In The Name with her. Everybody knows her in the US and she can add her vocals to anything. It would be an honour for us."

"... and Steve Brookstein's free, so there's that option."

I don't think anyone's ever really believed that RATM really were a counter-cultural force, but who knew they'd be pitifully trying to leverage a few ticket sales by jumping the Britain's Got Talent train?