Monday, March 08, 2010

Gordon in the morning: GaGa Ker-ching GrrrGrr

You'd have thought that, since Gordon was running the story about how Lady GaGa managed to make a loss on her US tour, he'd be able to bring some perspective to the doubling of prices for the extra dates on the UK GaGa tour.

But no; there are angry people to be listened to, and we know that The Sun can never offer perspective when there's a lynch mob to be listened to:

LADY GAGA fans are furious after her concert ticket prices doubled in the space of months.

Her "Little Monsters" are being charged £50 to £75 for May and June UK gigs.

Yet entry to recent Monster Ball shows, which ended in Birmingham on Friday, cost between £27.50 and £35.

Complaints have flooded her website.

Oddly, given these complaints "flooding" her website, Gordon struggles to find anything juicy to share with his readers:
One fan, Mannisrai, raged: "It's disgusting. We made both albums number one and this is how she repays us."

Another fan, Barley 142007, added: "This is steep."

And, erm, that's it. "This is steep" hardly sound furious, and Mannisrai is just hilarious, as his comment really boils down to "we were daft enough to buy the same album for a second time to get a few extra tracks, and yet she thinks she can treat us like marks to shake down for more cash for the same thing."

Surely, though, even the angriest of GaGa fans can't expect her to make a loss on the tour; oddly, Gordon doesn't seem to have found anyone saying "why doesn't she keep it to one costume change and lose the dancing lobsters or whatever she's got planned?"


James said...

I'm enjoying this new trend of hacks gleaning stories from messageboards and dressing it up as 'reporting on the outraged reaction'. Mainly because you end up with an old-school news article punctuated with silly forum names. "Fans expressed their disgust at the price-hike last night. 'It's just blatant profiteering and a slap in the face to her genuine fans' said Monkeysocks. 'I refuse to be gouged in this way when ticket prices are already subject to extortionate booking fees' added Gunter Von Fartbasket."

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