Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lib Dems say no to Digital Economy Bill

Making some amends for their Lord sticking a BPI clause in during its passage through the upper house, the Liberal Democrats have told the government they won't support the Digital Economy Bill:

On Tuesday afternoon, the party's chief whip Paul Burstow tweeted that he had told the government the Liberal Democrats will not support the bill as it is drafted because there is "not enough time for MPs to examine it in detail".

The bill is expected to be become part of 'wash-up', a brief period at the end of a sitting parliament when outstanding legislation becomes the subject of back-room deals between the main two parties, the Conservatives and Labour.

It probably won't be enough to kill it, but maybe it will be enough to persuade the Labour Party that this might not be the way to behave seconds before asking everybody to vote for them.