Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gordon in the morning: It's the new Top 40 from Radio One

You have to scroll quite a way, but there's an interesting story in Bizzare this morning. You have to get past the bombast and bits that seem to be just speculative:

THE Top 40 could be consigned to history with secret plans at Radio 1 to develop a new pop chart.

Before you get to the meat:
The BBC has employed web programmers to come up with a rundown that collates data from streaming sites, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

This will then be combined with traditional sales figures to make a list which truly reflects the nation's tastes.

... well, no, it'd produce a list which reflects which tracks are being bought and which streamed through various sites, which isn't quite the same thing.

And, of course, it would be much easier for people to game the system if all you need to do is get people to play your video over and over on YouTube to get a spot on the Christmas Top Of The Pops.

Gordon can't wait:
The application, likely to be launched later this year, could be a start to get great new bands in a "real" chart.

He's right - imagine a world where, instead of a chart dominated by Justin Beiber and Lady GaGa, you have a chart full of Justin Beiber, Lady GaGa and, erm, OK Go.

I'm sure Smart understands that the BBC don't actually compile the current charts, doesn't he?