Sunday, April 04, 2010

The illustrated Hello: Salman Rushdie

When he was the subject of a fatwa, this nation rallied round Salman Rushdie. Protection on a daily basis; official denunciations of the threats to his life; condemnation of the idiots burning his books.

And how did Rushdie show his thanks?

By collaborating with U2, that's bloody how.

Let's get this over with, then:

You'd have thought that Rushdie would have steered clear of U2, after he was a victim of Bono's tiresome attempt to cross crappy Halloween costumes with Noel Edmond's funny phone calls:

Sadly, the entire internet seems to have offered no place for Jasper Carrott's Rushdie parody of the JR Hartley advert during the fatwa, which was actually not quite as funny as Carrott's observation afterwards: "you know, it was really difficult to find a Salman Rushdie lookalike for some reason..."

[Part of the Ilustrated Hello]