Sunday, April 04, 2010

The illustrated Hello: William Tell

A long-dead Swiss legend, best-remembered for being slightly better at shooting things off people's heads than William Burroughs turned out to be. To be honest, he doesn't really seem to have done much more than the shooting-the-apple thing. Sure, he was doing it as part of a complicated act of defiance against the Austrian colonialist who were occupying his part of the country, but it's hardly a full-on Robin Hood, is it?

Nevertheless, he got a whole opera out of it, and it's probably thanks to the cracking overture Rossini came up with that Tell managed to land a couple of TV series:

William Tell is also a singer songwriter in the sludgy mid-everything American market. He plays in a band called - in a desperate attempt to sound ironic - Something Corporate, but also does solo stuff, too.

He really is called William Tell, though, which is a surprise. And he's not even named after the apple bloke; he's named after his Dad.

[Part of the illustrated Hello]