Sunday, April 25, 2010

KT Tunstall disowns BNP stepfather's politics

KT Tunstall's stepfather, David Orr, is standing as a BNP candidate at these elections on a platform which appears to be 'struggling to cram petulant prejudice into a cheap suit'.

Tunstall has had her people issue a statement firmly and clearly dissociating herself from the man:

"She abhors the BNP and all they stand for.

"She now has no contact with David Orr."

The Sunday Mail suggests this is causing problems with her birth mother, Orr's wife:
A friend of Carol-Ann - who gave up KT, 34, for adoption when she was born before being reunited with her in 1996 - said: "She is absolutely devastated about this. But she loves David and has accepted she can't change his views no matter how unpalatable they are."

The impression being that poor Mrs Orr is shrugging her shoulders and going "tschaw, immigrant hating men, eh? What can you do about them?" while not really thinking he's right.

That sits a bit oddly with the report in the Herald, though:
According to official papers submitted to the local council, Tunstall’s birth mother nominated her husband as a BNP candidate.

"Ooh, you and your unpalatable views. Still, since I can't change them I might as well try and get you into Westminster so you can honk on about immigration and Britishness all over the place."