Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tennessee t-shirt tussle

The splendidly named Cole Goforth tried to go to school wearing his Lady GaGa t-shirt. The school - Greenbrier High School - decided that I Love Lady Gay Gay was an offensive slogan, and sent him home.

It's now become a cause celebre - or, at least, picked up by Perez Hilton, and has turned into some sort of storm:

“I think they are singling him out… They’ve made statements that if he wore this in California, he’d fit in just fine,” Cole’s mom, Julie Gordon added.

Yes, California is known for its tolerant embrace of gays. Providing they don't want to get married, of course. You do have to love the idea of a student being told he can't wear his t-shirt because it isn't California.

Nobody seems to have pointed out the t-shirt is a bit rubbish and the slogan is poorly thought-out. Maybe that's why he was sent home.