Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vote Labour. Save 6Music. Perhaps.

Gordon Brown hasn't quite added a 6Music twibbon to his election avatar, but he has offered his backing for the campaign to save the network via the medium of an interview with the Radio Times:

Gordon Brown told the Radio Times that he is backing the campaign to protect the digital station, facing closure as part of a shake-up of the corporation intended to divert £600m into programme-making.

"[I] think, personally, that the BBC should not have succumbed to pressure to cut certain things – but they have," he told the magazine. Asked whether he was in favour of the campaign to save 6 Music, he said: "Yes because it's the next stage you worry about. The Conservatives have said that they'll hive off Radio 1.

"A lot of things that the BBC does are incredibly creative and quite risky. But this is a necessary means of us being a creative society."

Okay, it's an election year, and you suspect Brown or Cameron would claim to be supporters of Brighton And Hove Albion if they thought there was a vote in it, but it's still pleasing to see that Brown is prepared to offer his support for Marc Riley's career.

Sadly, the Radio Times doesn't appear to have followed up with a question about the loss of the fourth Radcliffe and Maconie show, but they did try this gambit:
Asked whether he preferred listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, Chris Evans and Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 or Jarvis Cocker on 6 Music, he replied: "Definitely 6 Music. Definitely."

Yes, Gordon. I actually believe that the new manifesto was knocked out while listening to Italian library music on The Freak Zone.