Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We're all in this together: Cameron keen on Keane

Having got themselves into a bit of a bate about Labour launching their manifesto in a hospital, sort of, you'd expect the Conservatives to have made sure their launch was all spot on. Everyone on message, everyone taking part signed up to the message (which seems to be 'sod it, you do the bloody work'). Right?

Rock band Keane have said that the Conservative Party did not seek their permission to use one of their hits at their election manifesto launch.

Band member Richard Hughes wrote on Twitter he was "horrified" to hear 2004 song Everybody's Changing played.

Yes, perhaps because Cameron's gone a bit Kurtz and decided that we're all going to be in the cabinet, he's started by co-opting Keane.

Still, given that the band are clearly angry, the Conservatives will have an explanation as to why this is alright, won't they?
A Conservative spokesman said: "It's a great song and David's a great fan".

To be fair, people worry that Cameron might not be anything special, but a man who has found a way to make Keane seem a even more limp should not be underestimated.

I'm looking forward to government on this basis, though, as we'll all be able to go for a ride in Cameron's official car - it'll be alright, just so long as we say "we love this car, and it's got brilliant suspension."