Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't tell me The Dream is over, I live in a dream

Ah, yes - one of our favourite headlines pressed into action again, this time as The Dream quits music:

“Nope, there’s not another album, this is it,” Dream said. “Nobody appreciates music so I’m out. I’m out. I’m good, so take that. Like Jay said, maybe y’all will remember me when I fade to black. So it’s out.”

Actually, Mr. Dream, there's a good chance people will remember Jay-Z. If your retirement was going to have a similar effect, I suspect you wouldn't be retiring in the first place.

Nobody appreciates music? I think you missed out a 'my' there, didn't you?

Having stretched his Isthmian Premier rap by comparing it to Jay-Z, he then decides he needs a comparison point from a higher level yet:
“It’s the last album, period,” he said. “I really would like it to be the last one if I could — in a perfect world…In the back of my mind, I’m thinking a fighter fights. You don’t retire on top. [Michael] Jordan didn’t retire on top.”

Even Dream realised that this was going a bit far, and before anyone could shoot milk out their nose and say 'in your dreams, Dream', he rowed back:
“I’m not saying I’m the best [like him], but I’m the best at what I can do. And I can stop now and say, ‘This album is pretty good.’”

It almost sounds as if, having pictured himself playing rap against Jordan's basketball, he suddenly realised how short he'd fallen, and realised there weren't going to be a public 'don't die' campaign, and realised that, far from being a clever stunt, his retirement is probably going to be a retirement.