Friday, May 21, 2010

Hunt won't undo DEA

Anyone hoping for the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government might unpick the rushed-through Digital Economy Act might as well be using their wishes for a magic bucket or for that Clare Grogan solo record to be released. It isn't going to happen. Jeremy Hunt has confirmed:

“We’re not going to repeal it,” the new UK government’s Conservative culture secretary Jeremy Hunt told paidContent:UK.

Funny that, given that as it was passing through Parliament Hunt insisted that great chunks of the Digital Economy Bill were terrible, terrible pieces of legislation:
I want to say plainly to the Government that, while we recognise that some parts of the Bill will have to be let through if we are to avoid serious damage to the economy, other parts of it are totally unacceptable, and we will use every parliamentary means at our disposal to remove them.

Apart from, you know, repealing the Act if they get into power.