Friday, May 21, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Far, far away

Ewan McGregor has been sharing the impact watching Star Wars had on him as kid, and as a man:

The married actor said Leia, played by CARRIE FISHER, 53, was his first passion.

He added: "I've spent many years deeply, deeply in love with Leia - as a character and actress."

Why did Gordon mention Ewan was married there? Is he implying there's some degree of cheating involved in carrying a torch for somebody in a film? That McGregor is no better than Ronan Keating?

You have to suspect that the only reason for the story appearing at all is the headline:
Leia? I'd really like to lay 'er

Do you... oh, yes, you do geddit, I see.

Meanwhile, Gordon went to the Ivors where - heh heh - Noel Gallagher was quite the wit:
LORD NOEL GALLAGHER was on reliably mickey-taking form at the Ivors as he had a sly pop at ANNIE LENNOX.

Annie Lennox? Quite the cutting-edge target. I'm sure he's working on a routine about digital watches as we speak. But do carry on, Gordon: share the witticism with us.
Annie used her time on the podium to say what a hard time female artists have in the male-dominated music industry.
[Later Noel] declared: "I am a man. A man in rock. People ask what it's like to be a man in rock and I say, 'It's aaaalllright'."

It makes the lay 'er gag seem almost sophisticated, doesn't it?