Thursday, May 20, 2010

RIAA promote file-sharing websites

Oh, sure, the idea was to point at evil, file-sharing websites and say "look how terrible these people are." But did the RIAA not realise that issuing a list of the 'worst' file-sharing offenders will do nothing other than promote the ones people haven't already heard of.

So there's the familiar: Rapidshare, ISOHunt, The Pirate Bay. But I'm sure and will be thrilled that the major labels have effectively provided them with hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of free advertising.

The sixth site on the list was Baidu. Yes, the search engine that dominates China:

Hundreds and thousands of times
for her I searched in chaos
suddenly, I turned by chance
to where the lights were waning
and there she stood.

Good luck with taking on Baidu, RIAA. If you have success there, you'll be going on to try and stop the wind from blowing in the finals.