Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I dreamed a dream, and it turned into a nightmare

There are people who - should you just murmur that Susan Boyle is alright for a sideshow - will leap upon you and suggest your standards are somewhere between those of a man who would poke a leper with a stick, and a drunk who urinates on frightened kittens.

Even those, even the Ma Boyle Right Or Wrong types are going to have to admit this smacks of an ill-conceived idea:

"Her management know that she's a huge success around the globe and if she were to work with one of the big stars of the rap world they know they'd probably have an instant hit on their hands if it was done correctly," the insider continued.

That's Digital Spy quoting the Mirror.

SuBo and P Diddy. Like it's a good idea.
"Susan's open to anything right now and is looking forward to seeing what comes out of her more urban recording and writing sessions. They have songs lined up for Susan and they are a real departure from her first album."

Translates as: frankly, people only really wanted a souvenir, and we're stumped as to what to do with her now. So anything is being lobbed at the wall, and even if it doesn't stick, we're hoping the sticky, mucky mess that slides down to the skirting board will at least let us sell a million or two more before we dump her back in real life.

[Thanks to Michael M]


Anonymous said...

She had the #1 album in the WORLD.
I guess you just crawled out from under your rock.
Please crawl back.

James said...

Good god, it's like Pavlov's dog, but with extra drool.

duckie said...

Ah yes, those famous World music charts I keep hearing about. Let's face it though, she's only up against some African drummers and a few Inuit throat singers so it's not much of a contest.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Pssst... anonymous: selling lots of things doesn't actually mean you're any good. Burger King sell loads of burgers, but you wouldn't conclude from that they're master chefs, would you?

Still, blindly enjoy the new rap direction.

Anonymous said...

Don't you DARE talk 'bout Burger King, Simon! Face it: you can't make a beef patty all by yourself, so who are you to judge those who can? Are you anti American or something? Anti meat? Anti royalty? I know the general region of the world where you live, so watch it! It's around Britain somewhere.

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