Saturday, May 29, 2010

Subject lines on PR emails that translate as 'please delete me unread'

Number one in a series:

Latitude Festival - Nigel Kennedy!!


PeterDee said...

I was looking at the Latitude website only yesterday, me and the dwarfish sidekick have a hankering for a festival and the lineup seemed ok, in parts then I chanced upon that, upon THAT. Regardless of it already being sold out that is not depths plumbed since a major festival deemed that The Lost Prophets were headliner material.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

At least you can see how they might have thought the Lost Prophets could work. If you didn't know, you could confuse them with the right sort of thing.

Booking Nigel is a bit like having the Country Life Butter Men on the bill.

Markie said...

the Country Life Butter Men

Is that what the Sex Pistols are calling themselves these days?

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