Monday, June 14, 2010

Rich people have different problems to us

Oh, the horrors of the modern world. The New York Mets have had to issue an apology to Seinfeld after letting Lady GaGa enter his box without asking after:

she complained about the paparazzi at a game on Thursday night.

Hmm. Lady GaGa complained about paparazzi, did she? Are you sure that the 'oh, they're looking at me' wasn't a blatant attempt to gain, rather than avoid, attention?
Quick-think officials moved her to a vacant celebrity box, where Gaga took off a leather jacket to reveal her underwear and then proceeded to flip her middle finger at the snappers down below.

Anyway, it turned out they've shoved her into Jerry Seinfeld's private box by accident.

What made it worse was all these photos appeared in the newspaper, after Lady GaGa had told her boss she was visiting her sick father in Baltimore.