Friday, July 23, 2010

Olly Murs: they've made a programme about him

There's going to be a big programme on ITV2 about Olly Murs.

I know what you're thinking: who the hell even remembers Olly Murs, never mind would want to make a programme about him?

Funny you should ask:

A source said: "Sony really wants Olly to be a success so they have funded a documentary about him for ITV2.

"The idea is for fans to get to know the real Olly so, hopefully, they will buy his album."

Unless I'm missing something, doesn't that sound like advertising rather than a "documentary"? I'm sure ITV2 won't be showing this programme without a massive 'advertising promotion' caption all over it, right?


Mbop Promotions said...

Never mind Olly - what the hell happened to the winner... whatisname??!

Anonymous said...

"The idea is for fans to get to know the real Olly so, hopefully, they will buy his album."

Ok so I don't actually even know who Olly Murs is but the last people I want to get to know are musicians (I imagine Olly isn't one) who I am a fan of. I can't imagine that would make me want to contribute to them. In fact, I suspect that in most cases it would make me want to never buy their music again.

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