Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cliff Richard: My eyes, my eyes

You know there's something wrong when you read this:

And it's Congratulations to bachelor boy Sir Cliff on the near-six-pack
Yes, Cliff has stripped off for his 2011 calendar - only October, though, so you probably could go on holiday that month. Maybe it's a halloween costume?

What's strange, though, is the fawning write-up the News Of The World has given to the launch:
And if vintage Cliff continues to look this tasty in the next decade, then we've got something to say:

Son, you'll be a calendar boy and that's the way you'll stay-ay-ay-ay.
Surely it can't be plugging Cliff's calendar to keep in with the company which also produces the Hollyoaks and Cheryl Cole titles more in keeping with the Screws' usual content?