Monday, August 16, 2010

Lady GaGa contact lenses: They'll poke yer face

Lady GaGa is trying to blind you, warns Newsbeat:

US warning over 'Lady Gaga' contact lenses
Blimey - what are they, then?
Opticians say American teenagers are risking their eyesight by wearing a controversial contact lens to make their eyes look bigger.

The trend started after Lady Gaga's music video, Bad Romance, hit screens last year.
So Lady GaGa used some sort of special contact lens in her video, then, and now kids are doing the same - is that it?

Well, no:
In the video, the singer's eyes have been digitally altered to make them look bigger and bolder.

But several companies making contact lenses in Asia claim to have achieved the same wide eyed look.
Ah, so these really don't have anything to do with Lady GaGa at all - surely, if anything, these are supposed to Manga-ise your eyes?

Anyway, what do they do?
The product, known as 'circle lenses', covers part of the white area in the eyes to make the pupil look larger.
And that's dangerous, is it?
The lenses are illegal to sell in the US because they haven't been approved by federal health officials, but they can bought online from foreign websites.
Opticians are worried that the lack of quality control will lead to problems like eye infections, damage to vision, and even loss of vision.
Ah. So this is nothing to do with Lady GaGa, and not even anything to do with anyone trying to look like one of her videos - the story is actually 'if you buy contact lenses from overseas websites, they won't be to the same standards as ones made to American standards'. That, you'd have to say, would be the same whether they were 'Lady GaGa' ones or just bog standard contacts for reading with. Perhaps that risk could be hyped, too - 'trying to emulate Martin Jarvis will send you blind'.

[Thanks to @dillpickle]