Monday, August 16, 2010

Scissor Sisters: a load of old arse

How to explain the barely-there sales of the supposed big Scissor Sisters comeback album, barely managing to scrape together 50,000 people in the week of release? And that, of course, despite the sort of push which could have got a whale beached by Southport pier back into the water?

You or I might put it down to a ho-hum bunch of songs that barely inspire, but Jake Shears has another excuse prepared for low sales. It's the cover:

He continued: "The album cover is provocative and we may not sell quite as many records because of it. It wouldn't be the same if it was a woman's behind.

"I guess some people love us for who we are, some vehemently despise us."
Ah yes. Having an ass on the cover. That'd be it. Killing those massive sales to people who find a male bottom unacceptable to the point where they won't buy a record with one on, but who still like the Scissor Sisters nevertheless. That would account for the hundreds of thousands who are sitting this one out.


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