Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prince Harry: He's like the Simon Cowell of aristocrats

Say what you like about The X Factor and all the other programmes that ape The X Factor, but at least they offer a chance to people into a field of human endeavour where success is too often based on who your parents are, rather than what you can do.

Isn't that right, I Blame CoCo?

So, the TV talent show: the last bastion of merit over inheritance. Sort-of merit.

There's something we can celebrate, right.

Hang on, What's this?

Prince Harry to host new British musical talent show
Harry? Seriously?

What's he bring to the table? "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" "You instruct your father's driver to take you there."

Naturally, he isn't really hosting - the surprisingly named Linda Gentile pulls back from the headline almost straight away:
Today, August 18, it was announced that Prince Harry will be a guest of honor on a new TV series for BBC.
Ah, so hosting and guest of honour. Tell me, Ms Gentile - in your official role as "British Royal Family Examiner" - what will he actually be doing?
Prince Harry's and Goldie's show will go through Britain, looking for people who've had to overcome deep challenges. It will show later this year. The prince will choose 12 young people for a three day residential workshop, where they'll be mentored by musical experts such as Guy Chambers and Cerys Matthews.

The idea is to put together a performance for the prince and audience of invited guests at Buckingham Palace.
The British Royal Family Examiner? Does that have a ceremonial dress? Is it a medical thing, or an educational examiner? I hope it's not educational, as that would mean your main job would be going "well... there might be a lot of fails, there, but luckily your job only requires passing a DNA test. Don't look so paniced, your highness, I'm only joking about the DNA test."

Anyway, it turns out that from hosting the show, to guesting on it, Harry's role will be sitting around at the end, watching the winner and applauding quietly. On this basis, doesn't this mean The Queen hosts Britain's Got Talent?


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