Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bono's friends: Tony vouches for him

In Tony Blair's new book, The Journey Which Apparently Ends With Me Turning Into Ted Heath, there's this:

A passage on page 555 of 'A Journey', Blair writes that Bono "could have been a president or prime minister standing on his head. He had an absolutely natural gift for politicking, was great with people, very smart and an inspirational speaker ... motivated by an abundant desire to keep on improving, never really content or relaxed. I knew he would work with George [W. Bush] well, and with none of the prissy disdain of most of his ilk".
In other words, Bono was one of them. I don't think this counts as a revelation - nobody has really ever thought that Bono was one of us for years, right?

A gift for politicking. That would be on the money.

Blair also touches on Red Wedge, Spinner points out:
"Back in the late 1980s there was a group of musicians called Red Wedge, fronted by people like Paul Weller and Billy Bragg, who came out and campaigned for us. It was great. But I remember saying after one of their gigs ... 'We need to reach the people listening to Duran Duran and Madonna.'"
Really? When Red Wedge were active, Duran were in their Warren Cuccurullo wilderness. Surely the sort of people clinging doggedly to a cause that had long since lost its relevance was what Blair was against, not for?