Friday, September 03, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Scenes from the end of a marriage

Without much of a sense of shame, Richard White and Sean Hamilton (Gordon must be on holiday, then) claim an exclusive on, erm, a court list:

CHERYL COLE is due to divorce love rat hubby ASHLEY in the High Court today.

The couple's case - referred to only by their initials - tops a list of splits scheduled for this morning.
It appears the Coles asked to be listed by initials to "avoid publicity". That worked, then.

You might wonder that, given the marriage was all over the papers, and Mr Cole's errors of judgement were all over the papers, and the split was all over the papers, and the early stages of the divorce were all over the papers, and the decision of Mrs Cole to remain Mrs Cole was released to the papers, that now is perhaps a little too late to be trying to keep things quiet. Indeed, wouldn't you want the divorce bit to actually be public?

Still, it's nice that - as Gordon promised us - it's all being sorted out before the World Cup.