Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gordon in the morning: This isn't about Mark Owen

According to, erm, something Gordon read in Q, Mark Owen is worried that people might think one of the new Take That songs is about the time he cheated on his wife. But it isn't.

It was written before Owen went gardening on a neighbouring allotment square, and has a full band credit.

So it clearly isn't.

Things have got so bad, then, that The Sun is lifting other publications' not-actually-stories.

For Gordon, this is a point where

Mark wrestles his conscience
It might have been a bit better if Mark Owen had thought before doing backflips for other people 'this might look bad', but I guess we should be thankful that his conscience has finally flipped on, albeit rather late.

In other news - or non-news - heartbreaking reports of trouble at the Brand-Perry wedding planners:
A source close to the pair said: "They had been trying to arrange a 3D tiger safari for guests as an extra-special treat, but it looks like this won't happen now."
I know, I know. It's hard to carry on knowing the extra-special 3D tiger treat won't happen, but we must somehow steel ourselves and try.