Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week just gone

Where do you come from, my lovelies? Top ten traffic sources for No Rock over the last month...

1. Google - organic search
2. People coming direct
3. Twitter
4. non-search
5. non-search
6. Facebook
7. Yahoo
8. Captaincrawl
9. Other search
10. Bing

This was the (actually the week before last) week's new stuff:

The Corin Tucker Band - 1,000 Years

Download 1,000 Years

Darren Hayman - Essex Arms

Download Essex Arms

Shrag - Life! Death! Prizes!

Download Life! Death! Taxes!

Robert Wyatt - For The Ghosts Within

Download Wyatt's Greatest Misses

Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love

Download Write About Love

Ash - A to Z volume 2

Download A to Z volume 2

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

Download Lucky Shiner

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - The Golden Year

Download The Golden Year

Squeeze - Spot The Difference

Download Spot The Difference

Surjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz

Download The Age Of Adz

Antony & The Johnsons - Swanlights

Download Swanlights

The Orb & David "Dave" Gilmour - Metallic Spheres

Download Metallic Spheres