Sunday, October 24, 2010

Robbie Williams will sign... for a price

It's a bit unfair that the Sunday Mirror are pitching the story as 'Robbie Williams charges £550 for signed photographs'. They are limited edition art prints, and there are only thirty signed ones.

But even so... five hundred quid for a signed photo is pushing it a bit and comments on his official website are pretty harsh. You know when Glory's minions are desperately trying to simultaneously worship her and tell her she's wrong? It's like that:

Enough complaints now..we cant tell them what to sell or not...sure its way too expensive..and yes..Robbie might know...but...we should look forward..lets wait and see what the future will bring. I think Robbie is down to earth..becaus ei have seen him on popstars...he`s been so lovely and nice. Telling jokes ect. This is the Robbie i really you.....xx

You've said it all; I'm exactly like you, I buy a lot (not the Brit Award though!) but this time it's really too expensive and I want to save for next year tour when I wish to see several concerts, especially in UK. I will have to travel there (n' the low costs are not so low any longer when u ad everything). So, no lovely signed pic for me.

I was shocked when I read the price!!Although Rob worths that and more, I think it TOO expensive.I'd rather be spending that amount of money on some ultimate editions of Ind and Out of Consciousness.Besides, if I had the money to but it, as I live in Argentina, I'd have to add some extra money for taxes and stuff.Rob, I think you're very down to earth, so please realize about this(because you didn't,I want to believe).Now,to Rob's management or whoever,please realize that Rob's fans love him so much,and for us the things you sell here are so important to us,because they get us a bit closer to him,so please take into account that we can't afford that amount of money,and DON'T FORGET THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF FOREIGN FANS LIKE ME WHO(IN CASE WE GET THESE PRODUCTS IN THE COUNTRY WE LIVE IN BECAUSE SOMETIMES THIS IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE)HAVE TO PAY EXTRA MONEY FOR EACH PRODUCT.

Boycott IT!! Sorry but had to say it! (ROBBIE is huge for me, but this is madness)

Hiya everybody...i´ve been following your comments and i still think its way too expensive...anyway...yesterday i was watching Popstars on german television and to be honest: Robbie was amazing...being so natural and laughing a lot. He looked awesome..besides this horrible suit and shoes lol. He was treating the girls very friendly and with 4 of them he performed his song " Feel ". He was even holding hands with one of them because she`s been so nervous..and i thought: oh my god...i wish i could do the same. Nevermind...we cant buy this pic...maybe the creators of this site should change their attitude...and show more respect to us fans...because we dont owe big houses, swimmingpools ect. But i still wonder wot Rob would say about all this...
I love the idea that somehow Robbie has signed the photos without signing off on the marketing plan.