Monday, November 01, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Paul McCartney is pushing a new old record

God, how quickly did Lady GaGa go from GaGa to blahblah?

Flaming GaGa beheads Barbie
PVC-clad Pokerface singer bites head off doll and plays burning piano at Belfast gig
Doll beheading, you say? Burning pianos? Really? GaGa's the Zimbabwean dollar of performance at all then, suffering from the effects of rampant over-inflation.

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney has been giving his Macca-Thumbs-aloft to new music:
SIR PAUL McCARTNEY reckons music is as good now, if not better, as it was in his songwriting prime.

THE BEATLES icon has backed bands such as KINGS OF LEON, KASABIAN and rapper PLAN B as something for modern music fans to shout about.
Really? Kasabian, Paul?

McCartney is so excited by the modern music scene he's, erm, pushing a 1973 record as the perfect Christmas gift. No wonder he's applauding Kings Of Leon - it's a bit like someone selling Waterhouse prints going "but you know what - posters with 3D computer-generated cartoon characters on are brilliant, too."

There's a lot going on in this attempt by McCartney, Gordon and two out of Kasabian to "recreate" the Band On The Run sleeve:
Not least the question: do Kasabian ever get to shake Gordon off, or is he always turning up as soon as they open the front door: "where are you going now?"