Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mute pulls itself from EMI wreckage

Like Molly's baby, Mute has been dragged from the carnage of the EMI tram-crash and has slapped out a press release about a new, all-in-business.

Strictly speaking, of course, Molly's baby hasn't slapped out a press release, so don't treat that as part of the extended metaphor, okay?

Following the recent announcement that Mute has reached an agreement with EMI Music which sees the company, led by Daniel Miller, return to being independent, Mute now announces details of the new structure which sees the record label, publishing company and a new artist/producer management company brought together under the Mute name.

Says Daniel Miller; “I am excited about this new phase in our development. The things we value most - our relationships with artists and our desire to embrace new ideas and ways of working – can now be fully realised in a structure I have been aiming towards for some time. This is the ideal time and perfect opportunity to bring three key elements together under the Mute name”.
Some artists aren't escaping, and will remain inside EMI. These musical Ashleys will still have their last rites taken care of by Daniel Miller, who is going to freelance for EMI.

Which is wonderful - not only has he got his label back, but his work at Mute is going to be subsidised by EMI. Terra Firma are brilliant at music, aren't they?


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