Saturday, January 22, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Jolt (revisited)

Back before Christmas, you'll recall we shared some moments of joy with Jolt, Mark Keds' post-Senseless Things band.

Shortly afterwards, Ginsoakedboy sent me an email with links to the first Jolt EP which he'd got onto the YouTubes. Unfortunately, it being Christmas, his email got lost in the massive swoosh of PR mailings that I didn't get much chance to get round to until last week. So he's probably decided I was just being an arrogant cock and ignoring him - which isn't the case at all.

So, courtesy of GSB, here's the first Jolt ep:


Call Me If You Wanna:

The mighty Scared Of Girls:

And, finally, Sex And Cheques:

But there's something of a coda to come in the next post...