Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gordon in the morning: University challenge

The surprising thing is not that there's an academic conference focusing on the Take That reunion, nor that the story is picked up the the Sun.

No, the odd thing is that it takes two writers - of illustrious pedigree - to bring the news:

By JOHN KAY, Chief Reporter
and GORDON SMART, Showbusiness Editor
Really, Dominic? A light piece about an academic conference takes your chief reporter and your showbusiness editor which consists almost entirely of copying the call for submissions?

You might expect the piece to have some fun with the idea, or even work up a spot of outrage. But that's all absent, until you get to the comments from readers:
And they wonder why we expect students to pay for their own education
Well done, Siren2, bravely commenting on a subject about which you clearly have no understanding, what with the not knowing the difference between a research conference event and a degree course. And you wonder why we think education should be free so everybody can benefit.

The two senior Sun staff, though, just report the event straight:
Entries are being invited from students and staff specialising in psychology, literature, sociology, communication, gender and music industry studies. The best papers received will be published.
It's not every day that you see a paragraph like that in Bizarre. It doesn't even have the word "undercrackers" in it.

Perhaps this is a new service Gordon will be offering. I'm sure we'll read in great depth about the call for papers for the Transforming Government weekend at Brunel.