Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ten years on

Ten years ago this morning, the first post appeared on this blog.

Of course, it was always going to take bit of time to hit our stride and work out exactly what it was we were going to do with this "blog" thing. Today, we're closer than ever to having a bit of an idea. Maybe give it a couple of years, and we'll know where we're going.

There's only one way we can mark this auspicious occasion: with thanks to Sleater-Kinney, from whom we borrowed the name.


PeterDee said...

Happy anniversary, cant say I have been reading since day one, but its definitely the blog that I have been reading the longest.

Koshinokinsho said...

Happy anniversary, Simon! Started reading you just before the end of 2002 and have continued through changing jobs, countries and marriages. Here's to the next ten years!

danbutt said...

Happy anniversary!

Steven Lynch said...

Happy anniversary! You have been in the bookmarks since my uni days in 2004, and still now, 300 miles away from that uni and in a full time job. Much love!

Ade said...

Yep, another long time reader here: well done, keep it up. You never know, it might take off.

Franco said...

Long-time reader and huge fan - your blog is the best music-based read out there. Clever, funny and has introduced me to more bands than I can count. Keep up the good work.

morag said...

congratulations! i doff my cap to you sir for your continued excellent work and i am delighted to know you and your gorgeous mrs xx

WE ARE said...

Happy anniversary! Great blog, keep it up Simon.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to one of my favourite blogs - no scrub that, my actual favourite music website.

We're all big fans at Brighton SOURCE magazine and read every day.


Anonymous said...

Seven years of solid reading have been worth it.

Thanks for wading through the dross so we don't have to.


Paul Wells said...

Congrats! You always gets the right balance between info, snark and links to some decent music.

Anonymous said...

i've been checking this blog daily since about 2002 - congrats and keep it up!

James said...

I love this blog. I forget when and how I discovered it, but I'm very glad I did. The new tunes are always good, the snark is spot-on and the daily tabloid demolitions are a joy to read. Thank you for making the first ten minutes of work bearable each day.

Olive said...

Hi Simon, you may be interested in what Carrie Brownstein is up to these days:

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