Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Johnny Borrell and The Borrells get new line-up, look

Of course Razorlight is more than Johnny Borrell and whoever happens to be behind him. Of course. There's a whole new line-up for the band, although nobody seems sure who they actually are.

There are suggestions that they might be spiritual manifestations of Borrell's ego; others have speculated that he had simply grabbed a couple of tramps and used some sort of machine to pump some of his spare self-regard into them.

There is a photo of the new line-up:

There aren't words. And it there were, no self-respecting dictionary would publish them.


James said...

That poor chap on the right really isn't enjoying that hat, is he?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I haven't seen a band with the "it's his band, he can fire us at will, but I just hope I never have children who will one day see this photo shoot" look so strongly fixed since the cover of James' Laid.

Ben said...

I instinctively reached for my six-guns when that picture scrolled into view.

James said...

@simon Arf! I did try looking, but sadly Google Images didn't have the photo of Spike Milligan wearing almost exactly the same hat (but looking a bit happier about it)

Anonymous said...

Heresy though it is to say something positive about Razorlight (here), he's probably a Captain Beefheart fan, the guy with the hat. (I know: at least one negative comment will have to follow such a 'positive' post as this!)

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's possible he's a Captain Beefheart fan - clearly he looks uncomfortable in the photo, so either:

i) he's been told to wear the hat, and doesn't like it
ii) he's wearing the hat in a tribute to the Captain, and feeling uncomfortable that he's in Razorlight

I hope for his soul it's the latter.

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