Sunday, January 09, 2011

This week just gone

I was bored on Christmas day: what did No Rock visitors read on December 25th?

1. Tatu don't understand why people think they might be gay
2. Inevitably, the story about R Kelly filming himself having sex
3. HMV Portsmouth not exactly disabled-friendly
4. Mel B suggests being gay is a character flaw
5. Serbian pop star gives pair of pants as a reward
6. Noel Gallagher claims that, if he was gay, he'd be "gayer than Freddie Mercury"
7. AC/DC sit outside iTunes, making some sort of point
8. Summer 2010, and HMV resumes decline
9. Pope withdraws invitation to perform after finding Daniela Mercury believes condoms are useful
10. Bob Geldof unveils logo to beat climate change

The interesting releases last week - by which I mean back in the middle of December:

Frank Sidebottom's Fantastic Showbiz Box Set

Download Best Of... Volume II

The Chameleons - Acoustic Sessions

Download Best Of... Volume II

Shriekback - Life In The Loading Bay

Download Life In The Loading Bay

Mylene Farmer - Bleu Noir

Download Les Mots