Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Jeez, it's not like it was hot knives

You might have missed "last year's bong scandal" with Miley Cyrus at the centre. In short, in a bid to try and shift her image away from being Hannah Montana off the pencil cases and bedspreads, Miley allowed herself to have her photo taken on, near, by or possibly in a bong. The outrage, of course, was supposed to try and reposition her as edgy - in much the same way that the new Aguilera At C&A stage costumes are meant to.

A bong. I think even the Early Learning Centre sell bongs in the 'My First Works' range, and in Western Culture the bong is most associated with nervous students desperately trying to work out how they should be pretending they're feeling something.

Still, a tiny spat happened. But clearly, it didn't do enough to shift Miley's image, so she's now issued an apology to try and remind people that she's, like, so about the edge:

She said: "I'm not perfect... I made a mistake.

"I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans."
That, you'll have spotted, isn't actually an apology at all, and not even an admission of disappointment at doing the drucks.

Obviously, it's not as weak as the Project Merlin agreement with the banks, but it's still pretty weak. Strong enough for Gordon, though, who appends one, italicised word underneath:
It's not clear what Gordon means by this quite - she should be disappointed in herself? She did disappoint her fans? That she did make a mistake? That she isn't perfect?

Or did he just cut and paste something from a 'Cyrus apology' press release, assume it was an actual apology, and slapped on a bare-minimum ending without offering too many hostages to fortune the next time he gives someone Cyrus's age the caner of the year award.

Before we move on, let's just spend a moment mourning the current state of Sun headlines. This one went out under this:
Miley Cyrus says she was b-ong
B-ong? What the hell are they smoking in Wapping?


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