Sunday, February 06, 2011

This week just gone

The most popular January stories were:

1. Razorcut's new image. At least wait until they've gone before guffawing
2. Billy Bragg's nieghbours targeted by far right
3. Rihanna caught thinking; Gordon Smart diagnoses depresssion
4. Ten years
5. Radio One abandons rock, claims NME
6. RIP: John Garrighan
7. Music industry considers plan of selling music
8. RIP: Gerry Rafferty
9. Dire Straits' faggot catches up with them
10. HMV to close 60 stores

These were the releases considered interesting:

Hannah Peel - The Broken Wave

Download The Broken Wave

Ebsen & The Witch - Violet Cries

Download Violet Cries

Deerhoof - Deerhoof vs Evil

Download vs Evil

The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts

Download Rolling Blackouts

Chapel Club - Palace

Download Palace

Abigail Washburn - City Of Refuge

Download City Of Refuge

The Music - Singles 2001-2005

Download Singles