Thursday, January 06, 2011

Right-wing scum try to set neighbours on Billy Bragg

The tiny, tiny brains of the absurd right-wing, forever spinning in mostly empty skull cases looking for someone to blame for imagined slights, have started to point at Billy Bragg. One of them has apparently learned how to write, and started sending hate letters to Bragg's neigbours:

The mail urges them to drive Bragg out of the village, where he owns a £1.5million mansion.

It claims “Billy Bighead Bragg” has “shunned the poor embattled English he was raised amongst to bask in celebrity style.”
You've got to love the idea of someone writing to a person's neighbours to criticise the sort of people that Bragg has chosen to live amongst - "dear rich snobs, please evict Billy Bragg from amongst the rich snobs he's living amongst."

Still, the green inker has a point - how can Bragg have shunned the people of England to live in Dorset, eh? That's virtually France, that is.


Anna said...

Right wing scum- thats funny! Very opinionated.

Robin Carmody said...

Bragg has had a good deal of stick from the far-right since he came to live in Dorset, along the lines that he is a hypocrite for living in an overwhelmingly white area while not wanting the forced expulsion of all non-Caucasians, &c, &c. When they behave like this, the far-right inadvertently make Bragg's point for him - that they still believe they can or should control and monopolise the non-metropolitan areas of England, which they never actually did at any point in history.

Olive said...

I just love the "Billy Bighead Bragg" thing. What's next? A campaign to get every one to say "yah boo sucks with big brass knobs on" every time they see him in Weymouth Tescos?

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