Saturday, April 02, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Stars

So, this is the video for new Stars single, Changes. It has breasts, a vagina and a tail in it, and thus is NSFW:

I'm in two minds about this - it's a lovely piece of work, but having a nubile, naked woman in your video is always questionable in terms of motivation - was the original idea 'a person dancing in a museum' or 'how can we get some tits into the video'? Nobody ever sold fewer records by putting a bit of t&a in the video. And, much faith as I have in Stars, I'm sure I can hear record company staff going 'please, someone, call this controversial, please'.

Also, the prosthetic tail looks like it's in the wrong place.

[Buy: Five Ghosts, the parent album]


Mikey said...

I quite like the song, and in broad principle I quite like to see members of the opposite sex naked.

In this case, though, it's unclear what outlets this video might be shown on. Sure, you can sling it up on YouTube but will any TV station touch it? Hard to see how it might repay its production costs *unless* it provokes a 'Must We Fling This Filth At Our Pop Kids' furore.

If that was the plan, it's pretty low. If it's not, it's more than a touch naive.

Anonymous said...

Mikey - people still watch music videos on TV? I mean, the sort of people who'd buy this band's output?

Seems to have done the job. Simon stuck it up here, I watched it and liked the song.

At least this vid has some sort of artistic point. More than the totally needless t&a in British Sea Power's latest promo...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

There is a non-online version of the video, with anything inappropriate for family viewing given a smudging-out.

But I'd have hoped Stars would have been smart enough at the storyboarding stage to have worked out that the moment the pants were off, however pure the intent, the motivation looks a bit grubby, and overshadows the whole thing.

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