Saturday, April 02, 2011

Liam Gallagher: Not that there's anything wrong with ambition

You know when you're, say, seven years old, and you haven't quite grasped that the world takes more than wishes to make it run, and you actually believe that you might be able to be the first person on Mars? It turns out some people never grow out of that phase:

"Fuck being as big as Oasis," [Liam Gallagher] said. "I want to be bigger than The Beatles, man."
Yes, of course you do, little fella. And you go and have a try at turning your consolation prize group into a band bigger than The Beatles. He's adorable, isn't he? We should for sure buy some of those cookies his troop will be asking... oh, hang on, he's a grown man, isn't he?

And my, how he's grown:
Gallagher also spoke about wanting to move on from his former band, saying: "I'm done singing about 'Cigarettes And Alcohol'. I've moved on."
He has. No more cigarettes and alcohol. Look at Wigwam, for example:
The chips are down, you're in the game
But win or lose you feel the same
Another bottle in the hand
You're sick of life and it's demands
You see? Absolutely no cigarettes in that lyric.

But, hey, maybe that bottle doesn't have any alcohol in it. Let's look instead at Bring The Light:
I see no point in what you're thinking
I'm going out I'm takin you drinkin'
Oh... well, what about the Roller, then?
So you been crawling through a maze
An alcohol lemon haze
I've been watching you for days
You've been outta sight alright, alright, alright
Well, at least he has definitively moved on from singing about cigarettes. Let's give him that, shall we?